Friday, March 19, 2004

Taiwan Votes their future - O Povo de Taiwan traca o seu caminho

As the Spanish did last Sunday, tomorrow 20 March 2004, the Taiwanese will have the chance to direct their future.
The 2 candidates of their choice are:

- Chen Shui-bian (actual ruling president)- Democratic Progressive Party;
- Lien Chan (Nationalist Party of China Chairman (Kuomintang) - Kuomintang
& People First Party Alliance;

Brief Historical Background:
In 1949, Chiang Kai-Shek lost the war in the mainland China, and fled to Taiwan, where he established the remainder of his regime.
The KMT regime imposed on the Taiwanese people is often remembered as a fascist and authoritarian one;
The pressure and oppression on the Taiwanese people provoked a silent revolt, and after a few attempts, the people succeed in the change of regime.
The DPP party was founded in 1986 and the martial law was lifted on 1987;
1987-1992: The democratization process is initiated and Taiwan's people start to experience freedom;
Dec. 1992: First democratic legislative elections;
Mar. 1996: First presidential elections: KMT president is elected;
Mar. 2000: Second presidential elections: DPP's Chen Shui-bian is elected;


Amanha, 20 de Marco de 2004, o povo de Taiwan, ira tracar a tragetoria do futuro de Taiwan.
Com uma escolha de dois candidatos:
- Chen Shui-bian (actual presidente)- Democratic Progressive Party
- Lien Chan (Nationalist Party of China Chairman (KMT) - Kuomintang & People First Party Alliance

Nota de ultima hora: Quase simultaneamente 'a publicacao deste post, o presidente Chen Shui-Bian’s foi atingido a tiro enquanto participava no ultimo dia da campanha eleitoral (em Taiwan nao existe as '24 horas para reflexao' antes das eleicoes).

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