Saturday, July 31, 2004

É tão curto o amor, tão longo o esquecimento.

Poema de Pablo Nerura, emprestado do Resistente Existencial:

Posso escrever os versos mais tristes esta noite.
Escrever, por exemplo: "A noite está estrelada,
e tiritam, azuis, os astros lá ao longe".
O vento da noite gira no céu e canta.

Posso escrever os versos mais tristes esta noite.
Eu amei-a e por vezes ela também me amou.
Em noites como esta tive-a em meus braços.
Beijei-a tantas vezes sob o céu infinito.

Ela amou-me, por vezes eu também a amava.
Como não ter amado os seus grandes olhos fixos.
Posso escrever os versos mais tristes esta noite.
Pensar que não a tenho. Sentir que já a perdi.

Ouvir a noite imensa, mais imensa sem ela.
E o verso cai na alma como no pasto o orvalho.
Importa lá que o meu amor não pudesse guardá-la.
A noite está estrelada e ela não está comigo.

Isso é tudo. Ao longe alguém canta. Ao longe.
A minha alma não se contenta com havê-la perdido.
Como para chegá-la a mim o meu olhar procura-a.
O meu coração procura-a, ela não está comigo.

A mesma noite que faz branquejar as mesmas árvores.
Nós dois, os de então, já não somos os mesmos.
Já não a amo, é verdade, mas tanto que a amei.
Esta voz buscava o vento para tocar-lhe o ouvido.

De outro. Será de outro. Como antes dos meus beijos.
A voz, o corpo claro. Os seus olhos infinitos.
Já não a amo, é verdade, mas talvez a ame ainda.
É tão curto o amor, tão longo o esquecimento.

Porque em noites como esta tive-a em meus braços,
a minha alma não se contenta por havê-la perdido.
Embora seja a última dor que ela me causa,
e estes sejam os últimos versos que lhe escrevo.

Pablo Neruda

free translation of Pablo Neruda's poem:

I can write the saddest poems tonight
Write, for example: “The night is bright with stars,
And far away, the blue asteroids twinkles”.
The night wind spins in the sky and sings.

I can write the saddest poems tonight,
I loved her and sometimes she also loved me.
In nights like this one, I had her in my arms.
I kissed her so many times under the infinite sky.

She loved me, sometimes I also loved her.
How could I not have loved her big motionless eyes.
I can write the saddest poems tonight,
Thinking that I don’t have her. Feeling that I already lost her.

Listening to the immense night, even more immense without her.
And the verse falls in the soul as the moist on the ground.
Who cares if my love couldn’t kept her,
The night is bright with stars and she is not with me.

That’s all. Far away somebody sings. Far away.
My soul doesn’t rest, how could I have lost her.
Like to reach for her, my sights seeks for her
My heart looks for her, she is not with me.

The same night whitenings the same trees,
Both of two, the ones from before, are no longer the same.
I no longer love her, it’s true, but I loved her immensely
This voice used the wind to call her attention.

Somebody else’s. It will be somebody else’s. The kisses as before they were mine.
The voice, the body of course. Her infinitive eyes.
I no longer love her, it’s true, but maybe I still love her.
Love is so short and forgetting it takes so long.

Because, in nights like this one, I had her in my arms,
My soul does not rest for loosing her.
Even if this is the last time she hurts me
And these are the last verses that I write her.


... I feel lost…

... but I believe if I look around and pay attention to the signs, I will see the way and something will redirect me.

Is it the ducks that are showing me the way in a steady pace, trespassing the door to other side?

Or is it the red dragon that flies free in the sky?
Or perhaps, it's his shadow, down to earth, showing me the path ahead to turn into a new corner of this life's road?

I don't yet, but i will end up finding the answer!

Friday, July 30, 2004

Before and After with Adelaide Ferreira

Adelaide Ferreira - Dava Tudo

Adelaide Ferreira - Papel Principal

"The Main Role" by Adelaide Ferreira
The night is over
The game is over
For me here
You will be out of my mind
When I wake up

The movie is over
The drama is over
The pain is gone
You have always been
A bad actor

You played the hero
In the main role
But you acted and lied so badly

The one who lost
Was you and only you, never me
At the end
Today the main role is mine and only mine

"Papel Principal" de Adelaide Ferreira
A noite acabou
O jogo acabou
Para mim aqui
Quando acordar
Já te esqueci

O filme acabou
O drama acabou
Acabou-se a dor
Tu sempre foste
Um mau actor

Fizeste de herói
No papel principal
Mas representaste e mentiste tão mal

Quem perdeu
Foste tu só tu e nunca eu
Hoje o papel principal é meu e só meu

Quem perdeu
Foste tu só tu e nunca eu
Hoje o papel principal é meu

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

1 Year and 1 Week of tripping out of my space

On Monday, July 21, 2003 I started this blog with this statement:

Tripping is living...
When you travel to the unknown your senses seem to become sharper, ready to capture the novelty.
Tripping out of my Space is a space where I will be sharing with all of you my thoughts and opinions generated during travels in mind and space.

A year has passed by and I forgot to mention Tripping's 1st anniversary.
It's ok, it wont be mad at me, it totally accepts whatever comes from me, as if it was me!

It has been a year and a week that I wrote the above and I still believe on it, however there is more in life than just novelty, there is the load that you accumulate and are not able to discharge to replace it with the new.
Some loads stays forever even if it has left you.
Now I am learning how to let it go when in fact I would give everything to have it back again... life contradictions or maybe life addictions!

I know if I succeed, I will be rewarded and the new load will erase the pain of loosing and bring the joy of discovery again!
I am trying and I will get there.

Always tripping, always living!

RAV4 - I would luv to go for a ride