Wednesday, July 28, 2004

1 Year and 1 Week of tripping out of my space

On Monday, July 21, 2003 I started this blog with this statement:

Tripping is living...
When you travel to the unknown your senses seem to become sharper, ready to capture the novelty.
Tripping out of my Space is a space where I will be sharing with all of you my thoughts and opinions generated during travels in mind and space.

A year has passed by and I forgot to mention Tripping's 1st anniversary.
It's ok, it wont be mad at me, it totally accepts whatever comes from me, as if it was me!

It has been a year and a week that I wrote the above and I still believe on it, however there is more in life than just novelty, there is the load that you accumulate and are not able to discharge to replace it with the new.
Some loads stays forever even if it has left you.
Now I am learning how to let it go when in fact I would give everything to have it back again... life contradictions or maybe life addictions!

I know if I succeed, I will be rewarded and the new load will erase the pain of loosing and bring the joy of discovery again!
I am trying and I will get there.

Always tripping, always living!

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