Friday, August 13, 2004

The Road Home - to discover, to feel and to lose love

This movie is so beautiful for its simplicity, for the facial and body expression of the actress and for the landscape, a combination of all this with very little words, transmits to the spectator how is to discover, feel and lose LOVE....

"The Road Home" - Director Yimou Zhang
Este filme e’ uma historia simples que celebra a alegria inocente da descoberta do amor e a dor da tristeza da perca da pessoa amada. Aborda tambem realidades sociais e culturais da China de Mao, pobre e oprimida mas muito humana.
A natureza tem neste filme um papel principal, as paisagens e as estacoes do ano acentuam a alegria, o drama e a tristeza dos personagens.
A arte de representar da actriz Ziyi Zhang , e’ de uma beleza extraordinaria.
Nao e’ propriamente os dialogos que dao beleza e charme ao personagem interpretado por Ziyi Zhang , mas sim as expressoes faciais e corporais da atcriz que transmitem ao espectador um charme e serenidade contagiantes. As emocoes sao nos tranmitidas atraves dos seus olhares, que expressam de uma forma extremante bem conseguida, o amor, a alegria, a perca, a tristeza e a dor.

Para um resumo da historia click aqui.


I have the impression that I know Ziyi Zhang for a long time!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The Day After...

Crews work amid debris from several demolished buildings above the Kaohsiung MRT's Orange Line yesterday.

"The head of Kaohsiung's MRT system offered to resign yesterday to take responsibility for subsidence on Monday that led to the evacuation and condemning of surrounding buildings in the fourth construction mishap to hit the project in three months."

That would be too easy for you, "Mr. Head of Kaohsiung's MRT System", the captain does not abandon the ship when it has been severely damaged. The captain stays aboard finds out what caused the damage; repairs it and introduces preventive measures to avoid reoccurrence.
If you don't know this, "Mr. Head of Kaohsiung's MRT System", you probably should not have been in this position to start with!
I personally thing "Mr. Head of Kaohsiung's MRT System", should take the responsibility but still stay in the position until he has a full and detailed report of what went wrong and improve their management system accordingly aiming that this kind of oooops, will never happen.
Leaders are paid to make sure that businesses operate in safe conditions, they are not paid just to sit there and use and abuse of their title.
I remind you "Mr. Head of Kaohsiung's MRT System", that you should know this and ensure that your entire organization knows it and practices it:

“In the process of undertaking work within a tight programme there never seems to be sufficient time or money to ensure that the results are correct. However, on discovery of a major error or fault the resources to put it right are limitless.”

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Something was not planned...

The Construction Industry involves high risky activities and therefore the adequate planning and implementation of controls, from design to completed construction stages, is crucial to avoid non-foreseen accidents.
In this case, the construction of the subway system in the southern city of Taiwan Kaohsiung, something went wrong either at design and/or construction stages.
Often the approach to Quality Management dictates the success of a construction site.
Fortunately, no fatalities were caused by this incident, but there are certainly great lessons to learn from it.
It is always good to remember this basic principal, particularly in activities that have risks associated with them:

“In the process of undertaking work within a tight programme there never seems to be sufficient time or money to ensure that the results are correct. However, on discovery of a major error or fault the resources to put it right are limitless.”

Underground work on the Shitzuwan station of Kaohsiung's MRT line caused subsidence that affected nearby buildings yesterday, causing them to sink by as much as one story. About 20 people fled their stores and homes as five three-story buildings on Linhai 2nd Road began to sink around 1:20pm. No one was hurt in the incident.

Monday, August 09, 2004

2004 Asian Cup Soccer Tournament - The Final

It is unfortunate that people cannot move on and leave the past where it belongs. Nobody should be blamed for the mistakes that their ancestors committed long time ago. The Japanese of the XXI century have no responsibility for what some Japanese of the early XX century, did.
To forgive and respect is the only way to move on in peace and harmony.
Congratulations to Japan for its victory.
Sorry to China, but Portugal lived the same sad moments: loosing a final at home and their reaction was an admirable one.
Sports are about wining and also about knowing how to loose.
All the best for next time!

Keiji Tamada scored in injury time Saturday to seal a 3-1 Asian Cup final victory for defending champion Japan over host China in a tense match overshadowed by nationalistic passions among Chinese and anti-Japanese violence.
Following the match, crowds chanting anti-Japanese insults broke bottles and exchanged kicks and punches with police outside the stadium. At least three men were seen being taken away by officers, but it wasn't clear if anyone was injured.

A young Chinese soccer fan walks past a line of riot police on his way to see the Asian Cup final between China and Japan at Workers' Stadium in Beijing, Saturday. After being tied 1-1 in the first half, Japan defeated China 3-1 to win the cup for the third time.

Japanese captain Tsuneyasu Miyamoto holds the Asian Cup as team members celebrate at Workers' Stadium in Beijing, Saturday.

Amar e' / To love is... part II

Life should not be a drama and people should not be martyrs and miuda did a good job in reminding me of that and complemented my thoughts about the concept of love:

"Entender o outro, é Amar!
É difícil... mas quando conseguido não pode, ou não deve, causar-nos dor!!!"

by miuda

"To understand the other one, is to love!
That's a difficult task... but when achieved it can't or it shouldn't cause pain!!!"

by miuda