Friday, August 06, 2004

2004 Asian Cup Soccer Tournament

After the Euro 2004, it seems that 2004 Asian Cup Soccer tournament does not have little media's interest.
But anyway, it is happening right now in China, as I poublish this post.
The final is tomorrow: China vs Japan and it promisses more than just a sport competition!!!

A Chinese paramilitary policeman watches whilst a fan enjoys herself at China's semifinal game against Iran during the 2004 Asian Cup Soccer tournament at the Workers Stadium in Beijing. Authorities said yesterday that they are taking no chances that the grudge Asian Cup final between China and Japan will turn nasty, drafting in more than 1,000 extra police to keep order.
From territorial claims, to war atrocities and outrage over sex orgies, tensions between China and Japan are never far from bubbling to the surface.
When China and Japan meet in the final of Asia's most prestigious football tournament in Beijing tomorrow, there will be more at stake than lifting the silverware -- national pride will be in play.

Amar e'... / To love is...

Amar e’ ficar contente com a felicidade da pessoa que se ama.
Mesmo que essa felicidade nos provoque dor!

To Love is to feel joy with the happiness of the loved one,
Even when that happiness causes us pain!

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Taiwan's Aboriginals promote Tourism

Young people from a Tao Aboriginal dance group perform a traditional dance during a press conference in Taitung City (Taiwan) yesterday, called to promote tourism in their homeland, the island of Lanyu (Taiwan), southeast of Taitung City.

For those who don't know, there are 12 different tribes of aboriginal people in Taiwan. These tribes are the natives of this island.
Some 360,000 indigenous people, the original inhabitants of Taiwan, still live here; they can be distinguished into 12 different tribes, namely the Saisiyat, the Atayal, the Amis, the Bunun, the Puyuma, the Rukai, the Paiwan, the Tao, the Sao,the Taroko,the Kemalan and the Zou.
The mysterious customs and traditions of the aborigines, Taiwan's indigenous people, such as the Harvest Festival (Smatto), the Worship of Hunting (Mabuasu), spiritual rituals, totemism, and snake worship, give an extra dimension to Taiwan's culture. The aboriginal tribes of Taiwan form the most northern branch of the Austronesian language group, and ethnically belong to the Malay race.

Mini monks made in Japan

Young children, their heads shaved, pose for a portrait just after they attended a ceremony to enter the Buddhist priesthood at Higashi Hongwanji temple in Kyoto, western Japan, yesterday. Seventy-one boys and girls, all aged 9, were issued black robes following the ceremony, conducted by head priest the Reverand Choken Otani.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Lost in Translation?

The other night I was browsing Tainan (a charming southern Taiwanese city), looking for a bar to cheer up my mood.
I bumped into this bar and wondered if it was the right place to go...

I wonder if this is another lost in translation case or if there are really people in this world that can associate fun with a cemetery.
Oh well, good to know that there is always something for everybody but this one is definitely not for me!

Monday, August 02, 2004

Dance not war

A dance troupe from Brazil performs a traditional war dance called Capoeria that integrates dance, martial arts and traditional instruments at a press conference in Taipei last 28/07/04, to introduce the 2004 Olympia Earth Games. The games, which started on 30/07/04 and will run until Aug. 8 in Puhsin, Taoyuan County, are jointly organized by the National Cultural Association and other groups.