Saturday, August 28, 2004

after typhoon mood

The typhoon is gone, but the wind is still blowing, the sky is still gray, the air is moist and hot and i am at work... what a weekend!

Which Of The Seven Deadly Sins Are You?

Suggested by Misha and Manela I decided in this bloody boooooooooring saturday afternoon at forced work, that i should test myself too, et voila' les resultats:

You are Lust!
Sexy!! But they say that theres such a thing as too
much of a good thing. You have sex on the
brain, and it doesn't stay just there for long.
Passionate, Fiery - and most certainly
confident. You're a fun loving, spontaneous
person who is always up for a laugh. People
however, have trouble keeping up with you.
You're sex crazy, and perhaps need to tone it
down a bit! learn a little self control!
But, Hey, Congratulations on being the Sexiest Red
Hot deadly sin out of all the 7...

ooops, and i thought it was all part of being alive!

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Typhoon Aere blows Taiwan

It's the typhoon season and this year has been particularly bad for Taiwan. Typhoon Aere is the second typhoon this year (On July 2nd, typhoon Mindulle had a direct hit on the heart of the island, affecting many victims in the mountain's region) that hit hard on Taiwan, leaving devastation and victims as it brushes through the island.
This time it was the northern parts of Taiwan that suffered the most and being in Tainan (southern city) where the winds are still blowing very strong, I can just imagine how it might have felt in the north.
Aere is slowly approaching the north east cost of China, hopefully it won't be so catastrophic as the last one was.

Village missing after landslide
A landslide triggered by Typhoon Aere buried a mountain village in northern Taiwan yesterday, with the fate of at least 20 residents unknown.

The Yihsing section of the No. 120 County Highway in Hsinchu, which has been virtually washed away by Typhoon Aere. The torrential rains brought by Aere, and the resultant flooding, damaged many roads in the Aboriginal townships of Chienshih and Wufeng in Hsinchu County.

The Houlung River roars under the damaged Kuishan Bridge in Miaoli City yesterday.

A park next to Hsintien River in Taipei County is inundated by rising water levels yesterday.