Monday, August 16, 2004

Chinese Taipei = Taiwan - Beijing?

Chinese Taipei, the designation of Taiwan in the Olympic games, in my opinion misrepresents this island.
Taiwan does contain Taipei as well as people whose ethnic background is Chinese, however Taiwan is much more than just Taipei (a county and city part of Taiwan) and does have other ethnic groups (there are 12 different tribes of aboriginal people in Taiwan).
Not all the athletes representing Taiwan come from Taipei and not all are ethnically Chinese.
Calling Taiwan, Chinese Taipei, would be like designating Brazil as Portuguese Brazilia or USA as English Washington.
It would not be correct, right?
So why Chinese Taipei and not Taiwan or perhaps Formosa?

Team Taiwan waves to spectators while holding the Chinese Taipei National Olympic Committee flag during the opening ceremony in Athens on Friday, 13/08/04.

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