Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The road to home

Green Tea* Pickers return home after a hard workday at the tea plantations on Ali Shan Mountain’s slopes.

* - Green Tea is considered one of the most healthy beverages by the World Health Organization.
Checkout more on green tea here.

“In 2001, the World Health Organization determined that men and women of Japan enjoyed the longest "Healthy Life Expectancy" in the world. Scientists have long associated this longevity with, in part, the Japanese people's regular consumption (often over 10 cups a day) of tea. Researchers at the Saitama Cancer Center Research Institute reported in 2000 that people who drank more than ten cups a day of tea experienced significantly better heart and immune system health than those who drank under three cups a day. Green tea is known to contain the highest concentration of health-promoting antioxidants.”

Green Tea Increases Energy Expenditure in Weight Loss StudyResearchers found that daily administration of green tea extract was more effective than caffeine in stimulating thermogenesis (generation of heat). Green Tea containing 50mg caffeine and 90mg epigallocatechin galllate (a catechin) taken 3 times daily was shown to increase daily energy expenditure by 4.5% compared with the placebo, according to the study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.”

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