Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Portuguese gays want marriage rights - 葡萄牙同志要求合法結婚權

Wanting to follow the lead of its neighbor Spain, Portugal's gay community plans to march through the streets of Lisbon on Saturday to call for legalizing same-sex marriages.

"Like Spain, we want a revision to the civil code to allow gay and lesbian couples to have civil marriages," proclaimed a statement signed by several Portuguese homosexual associations.

"Once again we are lagging behind Spain," said Ines Pedrosa, a journalist and writer in charge of promoting the Gay Pride parade, set to start around 5 p.m. (local time).

Pedrosa argued that Portugal was ahead of Spain when it came to overthrowing their countries' dictators in the 1970s. "But when it comes to social rights, like gay marriage and abortion, Spain is way ahead of us," she said.
派鐸沙說葡萄牙只有一件事做得比西班牙好:那就是70年代推翻獨裁者的時候。「但在社會權利這方面 ?像同性戀結婚權和墮胎權 ?我們就遠遠落後西班牙。」

The law allowing gay marriage in Spain, including the right to adopt children, has been passed by the lower house of the Spanish parliament but still needs the approval of the Senate.

There has been strong opposition to the measure led by the Roman Catholic Church in Spain, which could be repeated in equally Catholic Portugal.

Still, polls show that three-quarters of Spaniards agree with the Socialist government's proposal to allow gay couples to wed.

The organizers of the sixth Gay Pride parade in the Portuguese capital have made gay marriage the theme of this year's event with the rallying cry: "Let us respect the constitution: No to homophobia!"

"While civil marriage is not extended to couples of the same sex, the state endorses and glorifies homophobia," the group's statement said.

"We are not all going to marry, but we must have right to do so."

Since 2001, Portuguese law has recognized civil unions between people who live together as a couple for more than two years, whether heterosexual or gay, and gives them certain rights especially in financial matters.
自從2001年來,葡萄牙法律認定兩年以上同居人 ─ 包括同性戀、異性戀伴侶 ─ 的結合,給予他們某些,尤其是財政方面的,權益。

According to the organizers, Portugal is the only European country whose constitution "explicitly forbids discrimination based on sexual orientation.”

Legalizing gay marriage would show respect for the constitution and protect gays against homophobia, the organizers said.

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