Thursday, September 13, 2007


Parece-me que a partir de hoje e durante um mes, terei de andar a comer e a beber 'as escondidas; vestir camisolas de gola alta e de mangas compridas e calcas 2 ou 3 tamanhos acima do usual, tudo isto sob um sol de 40C.


“All non-fasting persons should demonstrate the necessary courtesy in refraining from smoking, eating or drinking in public and in the presence of those who are fasting.

While a high standard of propriety and conduct must be maintained at all times in public, offence can be caused by women, and even men, who are inadequately dressed. During Ramadhan in particular the appearance of women in public places in sleeveless dresses, miniskirts, slit skirts, shorts and tight jeans should be avoided and men should be properly dressed and social activities should be conducted with discretion.”

“Those who willfully or negligently break the fast can incur a heavy penalty.”

in comunicado interno.

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