Saturday, July 17, 2004

Relax, you just arrived!

Flying from Hong Kong to San Francisco may seem an eternity, around 12 hours sitting in a confined and crowded area but one thing is amazing, believe it or not, you arrive before leaving!
Even so, while you are racing against time, you risk to get bored by the view, no matter how blue the sky may look:
All of the sudden, a slight move outside excites you, something has changed the view, there is some action out there:

And yes, finally you can see land and the local clocks indicate one hour before you left, 11 hours ago!
There is a lot of action outside now, and the so steady wings are now moving like crazy, no more reasons to be bored and soon you’ll be out here for the grands vacances! 
Of course I forgot the fact that I was arriving in the USA and I should have counted to spent the next 3 or 4 hours in a more boredom of controls that the flight itself, facts of life, welcome to the secured zone of this great nation!
After 4 hours of observing behaviors in the American customs that made me think that they were freshly transferred from Guatanamo or Irak, I was finally cleared and released to go.
God was I ready to release tensions, party and have some fun!
Here we go California:
Let’s go for a nice meal in a nice restaurant, was my plans until I saw the warning posted in this upper class restaurant:

What? They are telling me that they sell food that may cause cancer?
Oh don’t worry – clarified the waiter – it is just a general public advise, imposed by the Californian law in order to protect the restaurant in case some wako customer sues us for that reason. Any way everybody body knows that most of the food now contains some kind of chemicals that might be harmful to health….
Oh my god, talking about defending yourself against the American legal system… scary! 
Ok the, lets put that meal on hold and lets go for a drink, I really need to relax and get into the holiday mood. As we sit at the counter of this bar, my attention was diverted to this sign, posted right on my face:
Oh no, this is really too much, I just want relax and have a drink now, seriously, can we have some fun here?!
I better have a smoke and try to relax, I really just landed…
Oh no this is a bar and guess what:

Oh well, at least I gave to admit that this is a good decision!
Matter as well go out and relax and have that smoke, I am sorry but this is too much and I really need it!
I get out of the bar and finally was going to lit up when I looked closer to the wall next to me:
Oh my God, is the big brother after me!
Give me a break
Luckily all this stress only happened at the beginning; afterwards I found my own means to avoid it.
Welcome to California, it is much more than this!

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