Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Returning to the Storm…

I hate endings and I hate it even more when it’s the end of a wonderful thing.
I knew it would happen, it happens all the time after the end….
I just came back... “back to life, back to reality” ... the holidays were very, very exciting, intense and diverse, as if I have traveled the whole world. I guess in a way, I did brush through it with a bit of help of Madonna in her so not reinvented concert and a lot of help of the Portuguese Soccer Team and the Portuguese’s reactions worldwide.
It was great to go back and revisit family and friends and is always interesting to meet new people.
If the entire holidays were a blast, the last four days were divine, thanks a lot my friend!
I have loads to post… when the syndrome post holiday goes away.

Meanwhile, just not to help the mood, I just got this welcome warning:
According to weather forecast issued by Central Weather Bureau (CWB), Typhoon KOMPASU will sweep Taiwan tonight, and the typhoon's fringe will be expected to begin lashing east part of Taiwan at first.

Oh well, I could always see it as Mother Nature’s welcome back to Taiwan!

I will be back… after the storm

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