Friday, September 24, 2004

Foodism in Montreal

When I first looked at this wall in a Montreal’s old building, as a Portuguese I was guessing what FOODISM could have meant in Portuguese. At that time, it did sound like something related to exaggerating f***… It was just my imagination stimulated perhaps by this electrical attractive colour of the wall.
Back home, I did some research and actually found out that foodism is in fact:

Raw foodism is, after all, an ism. It's a belief system based on the idea that people should eat like our prehistoric ancestors (or other animals), with assumptions made about how our prehistoric ancestors actually ate, how healthy they were, how long they lived, and how relevant other animals' diets are to our own.

Oh well, its not what my mind was thinking but it is also very Montreal.
A bit to serious for me but I still like the wall color and here it is, another shot of what Montreal has to offer you!

And now if you excuse me, I need a break and will go to Uncle Sam’s territory to catch up with some sun of what is left from the north hemisphere warm days.
I will be back on October 7th.

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