Monday, September 13, 2004

Natural and Wild Hong Kong

I have this fascination for the Hong Kong’s urban tissue, which I consider an impressive display of what human kind has produced and excelled in terms of modern architecture and civil engineering.
My focus on the Hong Kong urban tissue has mislead some of my friend readers of this blog that Hong Kong is a concrete and asphalt forest. Although you might have this feeling when standing in most of the business districts and even residential areas of Hong Kong, it’s rather unfair to limit ourselves to “this” Hong Kong.
Today, to correct the Hong Kong image that I have posted in this blog, I leave you with the other side of Hong Kong – the wild and natural Hong Kong.
In Hong Kong territory, composed with 300 + islands and a peninsula, you can find your own paradise either if you like deserted beaches, breath taking mountains, water falls, monasteries, fishermen’s villages, rural countryside or stick to high tech cyber metropolis

From left to right :
A view from the peak of Lantau Island
Silver Mine water fall in Mui Wo
A deserted beach in Sai Kung
Ma On Shan – New Territories

PS. Este post e’ para ti miuda, para te mostrar o outro lado de Hong Kong!

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