Monday, December 06, 2004

Tripping in Tainan's Park - I

I know its very cliché to have “my best this or my best that” but I have to admit that since I am in Tainan, I do have my favorite tree and my preferred city park. They both live here in Tainan.
Sunday morning was quite sunny and things outside seemed to have recovered quite well from the last 48 hours storm. I decide to go for a walk in the park and although I’ve been there many times, I brought along my camera, just in case, as this park always amazes me for its natural beauty, and its mystic and spiritual aura. Once again, a simple walk in the park turns out to be an exciting trip in a world of beauty!
I interrupt for a while my posts about South East Asia trips to share with you the beauty seen and felt, Sunday morning in Tainan park, the day after the storm.
I have selected a few photos but they are just too many for a single post, so I grouped them into subjects and will post a subject a day.
I leave you now with a glance of each subject you will be seeing here in the next few days:

The mystic aura of Tainan’s Park - Tainan Park - 05 Dec. 2004

Dramatic Trees - Tainan Park - 05 Dec. 2004

The floating garden - Tainan Park - 05 Dec. 2004

The floating palace - Tainan Park - 05 Dec. 2004

Green is the base, the pattern's colors changes - Tainan Park - 05 Dec. 2004

The performance in the park - Tainan Park - 05 Dec. 2004

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