Saturday, February 28, 2004

Spring in southern Taiwan (Formosa Island)

Last night something extraordinary must have happened in the southern tip of this island.
It’s Saturday and I have to work, I should feel shitty about it but hey… it’s not the case.
I looked outside and the sky is blue, unusual in Tainan city at this time of the day. as its always hazy in the morning. Today I could see the sea, 7 km from my window.
I went down to catch the lift to the office and didn’t sleep on the way, as I usually do. I start looking out the window as the car was moving and realized that so much has changed since yesterday. All of the sudden Tainan is covered with flowers, all kinds of pink, scarlet red, orange, purple and yellow. The naked trees have blown up into this flowery explosion. It almost looks like, overnite, an artist had done a great job... Tainan looks like an oil painting.
Amazing how it could have happened in a single night, the power of nature is amazing. Spring came over night and it looked like nature was planning this so well that it didn’t miss a single detail. The show was well prepared and here it was being proudly exhibited.
As the van drove out of the city, the bands of birds dancing waltzes on the air, over the sugar cane fields, validated my thoughts, they were the announcers!
The sun, a red ball of fire trespassing over the palm tree leaves, completed the perfect post card.
Spring is definitely here!
I suppose that my ancestors must have arrived in Taiwan on a day like today and that is why they called "Ilha Formosa"*!

*Ilha means Island in portuguese
Formosa means beautiful in classic portuguese

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