Friday, March 12, 2004

11 March 2004...I don't understand...why... why Mr. JOSÉ MARÍA AZNAR?

I feel hopeless, sad and unfortunately almost not surprised. It feels like we sensed that something really bad was going to happen one day, we just didn't know when and with time we just hope that that day would never come.... but it did, 11 March 2004...

When the people of Spain together with almost the rest of the world were desperately begging "No to War", the arrogance of certain politicians ignored the people's voice and acted like their enemy did, acted as if they were God!
Remember those days Mr. JOSÉ MARÍA AZNAR?
Today Mr. JOSÉ MARÍA AZNAR says (extract from Aznar's letter published in El Pais):
"Somos una gran nación, somos una gran nación cuya soberanía reside en todos los españoles. Quien decide es el pueblo español. Nunca permitiremos, no vamos a permitir nunca, que una minoría de fanáticos nos imponga nuestras decisiones sobre nuestro futuro nacional."

Today, Mr.JOSÉ MARÍA AZNAR you are contradicting your own past and sad behavior, today you finally want to listen to your people... today Mr.JOSÉ MARÍA AZNAR, today you must feel so regretful and embarrassed but today, Mr.JOSÉ MARÍA AZNAR, it is just a little to late...

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