Wednesday, March 10, 2004

BIG BROTHERS and the Extreme Tracking

Recently I installed the 'big brother tool' - Extreme tracking, into this cyber space.
The reason of the need for a tracking could give sufficient material for a psychology PhD thesis, but I it is not my intention to touch this now...
The real reason I approached this issue was that, when I looked at the "geo tracking" function, it shows that somewhere in China, there is a province called Taiwan, as it literally states: Taiwan, Province of China.
If Taiwan is a province of China, why can't I fly from Taipei to Beijing?
If Taiwan is a province of China, why my friend from Beijing, cannot visit me?
Why can't the big brothers, from both sides, deal with the issue and solve it once and for all, so that the Extreme Tracking and many other official organizations cease to be provocative for some and politically correct for others?

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