Tuesday, October 12, 2004

força do caralho

I could not resist calling this post, a Portuguese slang expression, which can be softly translated into “amazing strength”...hehehe
Who would think about a martial art that trains your body and mind to this extent?
Como diria Fernando Pessa: E esta, hein?

photo: Gavin Phipps – Taipei Times
Tu Rui-lin prepares to lift 105kg with his penis, under the watchful eye of coach Li Rong-chou.

"In late October, 2000, Tu Chin-sheng and his genital-based form of qigong (氣功) known asyin diao gong made international headlines after three of the qigong master's students hauled a flatbed truck weighing 25 tonnes 1m across a Taipei car park using nothing but their penises."

"Diao gong is an important aspect of the qigong we study, but it is not the primary reason we study. Master Tu's qigong is both internal and external.
Externally it improves ones skin complexion and boosts energy levels. Internally it helps strengthen bones and muscles, reduces arterial blockages and cholesterol levels and eases allergies that effect orifices such as the nose and ears."

Shen Shyr-jong 62-year-old student of yin diao gong

To read more about this news or to know how you can enroll in such program, click here.

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