Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Formosa Hot Stuff

Photo: Sean Chao, Taipei Times
Models dress up yesterday as the ``hot-spring goddess`` Yang Kueifei -- an imperial concubine in the Tang dynasty -- to promote the 2004 Nantou Hot Spring Festival, which will run from Oct. 15 to Nov. 7. Yang, reputedly one of the four most beautiful women in China's history, was known for her passion for taking hot-spring baths.

Taiwan’s hot springs is on of its natural attractions not to miss! From the mountains to the sea side, you can find spectacular natural hot springs that are said to have healing powers for the body and the soul.

“Hot springs, the hot tears of the earth, are one of the most precious gifts that the earth has given to us. Ever since ancient times, people have recognized the rejuvenating and therapeutic properties of these natural resources. Taiwan is ranked among the world's top 15 hot spring sites harboring a great variety of springs including hot springs, cold springs, mud springs, and seabed hot springs. The island can proudly regard itself as one of the regions with the highest concentration and greatest variety of hot springs in the world.”
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