Thursday, December 16, 2004

Review time... c u on 04Jan2005

Another year is about to end and its a good excuse for a review, to look back and smile at the good memories and try to forget or try to improve (if we can) whatever was not that good.
This blog was born in july 2003 but during that year it was just a crying wall often abandoned to itself. By the end of 2003, the renaissance happened and as 2004 arrives, the tripping slowly starts to walk towards its initial objectives.
Tripping from blog to blog, I start to know and interact with others, I learnt a lot and I reestablished a more alive and updated relation with Portugal, with a Portugal that I like and identify with.
I choose the blogs to get updated on what was going on in Portugal, I no longer relied on the conventional Media but I instead, I would listen directly to those chosen by me and who were in the front line of the events.
I made virtual friends and some I will soon be meeting in person.
Along 2004, I posted different types of subjects, from political (mainly from Taiwan) to personal (I even cried here) and I opened windows to places that I’ve been and had great pleasure to share them with you.
A whole year of sharing, receiving and always tripping!

For the last post of 2004 (I know there's still a few days to go but I will be leaving in a few hours and won’t be posting until my return), I choose the photo that you commented the most:

The Tainan Twins

And as it was so popular, I adopted the Hollywood strategy and went off to look for the sequel. And I found it:

The Tainan Twins II

Nature never creates exactly the same, twice. Each of its creation is unique.
Sometimes these differences are clearly distinguishable and sometimes they are unperceived by our limited sight, but either way, we must always respect, appreciate and treasure them!

And speaking about uniqueness, I leave you one of my first comments published in the old Renas e Veados:

Normal is what one thinks that everybody thinks when one cannot think for oneself.

Never forget that each one of us is very special, a unique creation and its precisely that diversity that gives beauty to the world!

Merry Christmas and Happy Together (as someone says here)!

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