Friday, November 19, 2004

How about if god was all of us?

There innumerous religions and believes, innumerous images and concepts of what god is.
Some adore it, some fear it, some kill for it and some couldn’t give a damn for it.
How about if god was one of us? Some kind of energy distributed evenly among each human being. That could well explain why often we hear that god is everywhere, that he created everything, he can hear and see everthing, that nothing in nature is created but everything is transformed.
This energy became matter and the matter evolved into what we are today and its evolution path is infinite. If we get out of our silly selfish boxes and realize this, we might have a great furure, if not, we might tear apart this great energy that we all form.
Looking back on how man kind has been dealing with the concept of god for the past 5 millenniums, I find it quite silly to follow blindly a man’s point of view, knowing that no one man is perfect and that his visions and interpretations of reality are 3 or 4 thousands years old.
By being blind and not questioning ourselves, humanity removed from itself some freedom for evolution. Humanity framed itself in paradigms with little space for a healthy evolution of the interpretation of reason of its existence.
We wasted millenniums in fighting and killing in the name of a man’s view of what god was for him. If this man said that god was all of us and only if we all contribute to the well being of those surrounding us, then god will be happy and we will be at peace today – the energy will be greatly positive. But instead this man said that only some are the chosen ones and he said that we have to fight the enemy and that it is why we are not at peace today – the energy is greatly negative.
Let us just suppose for a moment that this concept is a fact, then it is obvious that when we bring negative inputs to humanity, god (all of us) is not happy and when we bring positive inputs, god (all of us) is obviously happy.
The day that humanity will be able to live in peace, acceptance and respect, god (all of us) will be happy.
In the name of god (all of us), if you are fighting in the name of god, just remember that god might be all of us, including those you fight and if you do so you are killing part of your god.

Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrive hier soir!
I have to admit that I do not have this kind of reflections very often, but last night after a few glasses of Beaujolais Nouveau, my mind was illuminated by these thoughts! Was it the wine? If yes, my dear friends, this year the Beaujolais Nouveau is a special one!
‘A votre sante’!
Have a great weekend and be good to god, i mean to all of us!

illustrations adapted from here.

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