Tuesday, November 16, 2004

A walk in the new neighborhood

I am enjoying living and tripping in a part of this ancient city where many generations have passed by and left their marks.
My neighborhood is composed of small labyrinth alleys that remind me of Algiers old kasbah, except here the mosques are replaced with temples. Temples of all sizes and shapes but with a common feature: the burning essence that brings to the scenario a true mystic feeling.
The old structures remained perhaps just to tell us that the past existed.

This little old house remains still in a corner of an alley, it seems abandoned and unnoticeable to the busy passbyers who rush to grab their lost time.
This little house probably has witnessed so many stories, now lost in that lost time.
But if you stop, stay still, listen and look carefully, this little house is able to tell you those stories and bring back some of that lost time!

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