Monday, November 15, 2004

A room with a view

Finally installed in the new home and very pleased to have a balcony in my room with a great view. From this balcony, you can see many temples from all ages, shapes and believes. It’s quite a spiritual landscape!

I was enjoing the view when I caught sight of an icon that always makes me wonder why on hell a fanatic fascist choose logo so similar to the one of the Buddhist, to symbolize so different his cause!
At a first glance one might think that there is a revival of such a hate doctrine, when in fact it is in fact the symbol of a peaceful philosophy of life - Buddhism.
I try hard to shift my mind away from what might look and focus on what it really is.
After all I should be happy to have such friendly and spiritual neighborhood!

The view from my room – Tainan – Nov.2004

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